The Art of Faux by Pierre Finkelstein

art of faux

Sadly, The Art of Faux: The complete sourcebook of decorative painted finishes by Pierre Finkelstein is no longer for sale on our website. The book is no longer in print and our inventory has since faded. Since published, the book has stood the test of time with over 50,000 copies sold.  The AOF has been in consistent demand and sold internationally throughout the ever-changing times.

The brushes, tools, colors, and traditional techniques have stayed fresh in that book. Brushes have adapted with the use of synthetic fibers, but the model remains the same.


Nowadays, I use the sponge a lot less.  I protect my hands by using a chiqueteur as much as possible.


Most of us work primarily in water-borne mediums these days (myself, included).  The book is very oil-centric which can challenging to follow.


We’re all thinking of a plan to keep the information available that is in The Art of Faux – but revised and updated.  Until then, hold on to your tattered, paint-laden edition.

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  1. This book opened up a whole new world for me as a sign painter turned mural artist, faux painter. Best book I have found for self teaching faux technique! Way to go Pierre! I’m trying to find a copy to pass on to a good friend wanting to broaden his skills.

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