IDAL 2014 Fort Worth, TX


I’m back from a successful trip to this year’s IDAL 2014 trade show and event in Fort Worth, TX.   We were celebrating IDAL’s 30th year as a non-profit organization for decorative painters.

I taught 3 classes: 1-day hands-on Faux Marble for baseboards, 1-day hands-on Woodgraining for baseboards, half day demonstration on preparation, protection, and touch-ups of decorative finishes

expo floor

My first class was an all-day faux marble baseboard class.   It was an ambitious day, but we made it with some extra hours tacked on.

marble class instruction

The students created small, baseboard-sized samples of the following:
Rouge Royal, Sea Green, Crama Marfil , White Veined, Red Griotte , Faux Stone, Belgium blue

pierre painting samples

Eva Gallant of Y-Knot Creations helped with the brushes.

eva gallant helping out

Students learned chiqueteuring, veining, and much more to complete each varied sample

helping students

My standard job recipe cards.  It’s usually messy, but I understand it.  It’s an extremely useful reference.

seagreen marble recipe card

Faux Stone below.  Students walked out with some baseboard painted with finishes.

textured plaster board

The woodgraining class was equally successful and ambitious.   People who know me, understand I generally expect far too much work for one day (ask my employees!)

In the woodgraining class, we made baseboard sized samples of the following woods:  Satin Wood, Mahogany, Aged walnut, Pickled oak, English grey pine, Burl.

Why baseboard size?  I wanted to show the importance of selling these finishes to clients.  They are relatively easy to create and they can add huge visual value to a room.

woodgrain class

woodgrain class

Thirdly, my half-day demo was a first time class for me.  I was shooting from the hip and talking frankly about substrates and how to effectively apply a decorative finish.  This was purely from my 35 years of experience in  my NYC company, Grand Illusion.

demo class on preparation

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  1. After taking pierre marble class last week i painted a large room of baseboards in sea green the saying was thats sick thanks pierre

  2. Eugenio Tomas Furlano says:

    la base de los paneles es al agua o al aceite

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