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La Realta Dell’Illusione

I’d like to highlight this great book; La Realta Dell’Illusione by Silvana Ghigino. As I’ve outlined in my 2 posts:  Italian vs French style of decorative painting, there is a noticeable difference.  Much is written about the French Style, but this book is a great example of Italian trompe l’oeil, faux marble and woodgraining. Silvan […]

IDAL 2014 Fort Worth, TX

I’m back from a successful trip to this year’s IDAL 2014 trade show and event in Fort Worth, TX.   We were celebrating IDAL’s 30th year as a non-profit organization for decorative painters. I taught 3 classes: 1-day hands-on Faux Marble for baseboards, 1-day hands-on Woodgraining for baseboards, half day demonstration on preparation, protection, and touch-ups […]

Stiles and Rails

Stiles and rails are woodworking terms that refer to the outer frame of a “frame and panel” construction.  A basic frame and paneled section consists of two rails and two stiles that surround the  panel.   In the picture above, these panels are on a wall. The rails are the horizontal pieces and the stiles are […]

Order to paint an entire room

When you are looking at a large room and say, “where do I begin?”, this post will tell you in what order to paint an entire room. On this diagram below, the numbers correspond to the correct order to paint a typical room.   Most rooms will not contain all of these elements.   Your average room […]