Drop Shadow for Lettering

Drop Shadow for Lettering: A simple letter

a simple letter

A drop shadow for lettering illustrates a 3-dimensional quality of an object.   When a light source is introduced, the drop shadow falls on the opposite side.

The drop shadow is usually a much darker color than the letter, in order to create a contrast.

Drop Shadow for Lettering: Painting drop shadow

painting drop shadow

However, if the letters are dark, a lighter color can be used for contrast.

Drop Shadow for Lettering: drop shadow is lighter

drop shadow is lighter

When using a pounce pattern, it is easy to just drop the template to create the border of the drop shadow. The thickness of your drop shadow is a judgement call on the artist and the desired effect.  A few common reasons for a very thick drop shadow would be:  To create the illusion of a very thick letter; or a light source that comes from a dramatic angle.

Drop Shadow for Lettering: Shifted design

shifted design

Use the right tools and brushes to paint the drop shadow.  Use a striping edge and striping brush to quickly and accurately block in the straight shadows.   Use a lettering brush for the curves and flat edges.

Drop Shadow for Lettering: Striping


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