Blue Faux Oak Wood Graining

Close up of oak

One of our NYC designers had a client from Nantucket who wanted a blue faux oak wood graining.

finished oak room

Here is the finished product.  Looks like oak, right?  The fact that they wanted blue gave me a license for a little creativity when it came to some of the graining, but it is important that it still look realistic and classy.

Base coat

We did the base coating ourselves.  We sprayed 2 coats of the blue oil paint to all areas.

taping off panels

First, our plan was to complete all of the panels.  The wide panels had to be divided into sections just as it would have been if it was real oak.

heartgrain panel

heartgrain mantle

After the panels, the mantle was next.

finished first sections

And then the stiles.   After that long day, we waited for all to dry.

begin other section

The next morning, we repeated the process by completing the alternate panels and rails.

oak graining tools

Tools of the trade for the first step.  (more on oak graining tools)

last area on first step

On the last piece for the first coat

matching the sample

So far, we’re spot on with the approved sample.

second step

The next day, we begin with the second layer: the overglaze.

graining friends

Our friend, student, and Nantucket native, Evita Caune (Riptide Finishes, Inc) was a big help since we did the overglazing of the entire area in one day.

second step

The overglazing goes fast with just moiré and butterfly techniques in this step.

finished panel area

Finished panels.  Notice how I divided the 2 long panels to include 5 “wood” boards.  Always try to pick an odd number within a panel.

close up oak

funky oak panel


This is an example of a “fantasy” grain.  I took some liberties on this particular project because of the non-traditional blue color.


finished blue oak

Finished project once again.

faux oak mantle  panel blue oak

This was a great project.  I had a fun crew, great laughs, and completed this entire project in record time: 4 days!  That includes the varnishing, too.  Thanks Nantucket – next time, it would be nicer to visit on a warmer month than February!

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  1. Ann Ferguson says:

    SO COOL!!! if you are ever doing a project in NC and need help, call me 🙂

    See you soon in Texas

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