Oak Wood Graining Tools

tools and brushes

Here are the oak wood graining tools and brushes needed for most faux oak projects.



metal combs

Using metal combs for straight grain.

heart sketching with burlap

Sketching the heart grain with burlap.  You must condition your burlap before using (give it a bath of water and acrylic medium and let dry – repeat 2-3 times).  Otherwise, the burlap will shed fibers on to your painted surface.

heart grain defining

Using a detail brush and metal combs for defining and finishing the heartgrain.

silver flakes with billiard cloth

Billiard cloth plus a long thumbnail make a perfect tool for producing the silver flakes on quarter-sawn oak.

moires with a spalter

A size 100 spalter is the best tool to make moire’s.  This technique is used in the second glazing step.

For more on Faux Oak, refer to our previous post:  OAK WOOD


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