Salon 2014- Seattle

Salon 2014 in Seattle, Wa

Join Pierre at Salon 2014- Seattle.  Our good friend and fellow painter, Cathy Conner is hosting this year’s annual, international event.  Among her many talents as a decorative painter, Cathy puts on a great party!  Contact Cathy to become a participant or come as a guest and watch some of the best decorative painters perform in a casual and intimate setting.

For more information about Salon Seattle 2014, visit our website at For background information about the history of this annual international gathering, visit

The 19th annual Salon of Decorative Artists Is Coming to Seattle!

The International Decorative Painter’s Salon has announced that the 19th annual Salon of Decorative Artists will be held in Seattle, Washington this year. This prestigious international event, which attracts artists and master craftsmen from all over the world, will be taking place in Seattle May 1-4, 2014, at the beautifully restored Union Station Grand Hall.

This once-in-lifetime four-day event, which is free and open to the public, will be like a pop-up museum of interior and exterior decorative painting, where art students, architects, designers will be gathering to learn about this distinguished and ancient craft. We are very proud to have a generous sponsorship from SOUND TRANSIT as well as other sponsors including MOHAI, Jones Soda, Gage Academy and Golden Artist Colors.

It will include:

•  Renowned master decorative artists from around the world who will be celebrating and demonstrating the art and tradition of decorative painting.

•  Live painting demonstrations, lectures and videos introducing the ancient art of “trompe l’oeil” murals and decoration.

•  The collaborative creation a large painted mural that will be donated to the largest donor for a charity or their choice, their own use or some other entity.

The annual Salon of Decorative Artists is the most acclaimed gathering of decorative painters in the world. Over its nearly 20-year history, the event has been held in Japan, Germany, France, The Netherlands, Sweden, England, Belgium, Norway, Denmark and Italy. Other U.S. cities that have been selected as hosts in past years include Atlanta, San Antonio, Chicago and Philadelphia.

If you have specific questions about the Salon Seattle 2014 event or would like to schedule an interview, contact Cathy Conner at 206. 650.1023.

Salon 2014 in Seattle, Wa

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