Spalter Boy!

Happy Halloween from Spalter Boy, aka, Pierre Finkelstein!

Spalter Boy Costume

This picture was taken October 31, 1985.

I love brushes!  So much that I wanted to become a giant brush for Halloween. Needless to say, I was a big hit (with my fellow painter friends).

The spalter is probably my favorite brush.  Its the most versatile and widely used brush in my toolkit.


pierre finkelstein spalter

There are 6 sizes of brushes ranging from 6 inches to 1.5 at the smallest.  Each size has a different use.  A spalter is NOT a chip brush.  It is much thicker and made with high-quality bristle.  From strié to woodgrain techniques, to softening paint and stippling, these brushes are a MUST HAVE for the serious decorative painter.  Watch this VIDEO to learn more!

Watch the video to see how I use the spalter or click here to purchase this brush.


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