Tuscon Wall Mural

This summer,  2013 we painted a Tuscon wall mural with large letters that spelled “TUCSON” (backwards). On the opposite side of the room, there’s a big mirror.  It looks pretty cool!  See also our recent post about the “Sunshine climate club” poster from that same job.

Tuscon big letters

Tuscon photoshop design

With the help of my son, we designed this photoshop.

Tuscon drawing for mural

I converted the design to a drawing that would give me the measurements.

Tuscon snap line and measure

Using the blue tape to mark the verticals, I set a laser to signify the base line.

Tuscon tools for snapping

Tuscon snap powder

I needed a bright snap line to really show.

Tuscon snapped all lines

We snapped where we could to draw the letters.

Jumping to the sample, see the progression of steps.

start sample

Tuscon blocking colors

Tuscon blocking colors

Tuscon blocking colors

Tuscon aging and distressing

The final decorative steps were an aging with glaze and a sanding to expose the aggregate.

Tuscon full room view

Tuscon blocking letters

Tuscon blocking letters

Tuscon letters blocked

Tuscon aging and distressing

Tuscon finished viewTuscon before distressing

Tuscon after distressing

To see more photos from this job visit our GIDP facebook page.

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  1. Really Great job…painstaking preparation and execution..but so worth it when you stand back and see the end result. I’m sure your friend is thrilled.

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