Tooth Veinette

No other brush gives such fine lines like the tooth veinette.  Use this brush for painting many faux wood, marble, and other organic finishes.  Check out the video below to learn more.

The tooth veinette is made with high quality bristle hair and is hand-picked for its straightness and length. The ‘teeth’ allow for a delicate print.  Gravity guides this lightweight brush creating ultra fine parallel lines, perfect for realistic woodgraining.

WD:3 tooth veinette (small size is more popular)

WD:12 brush comb

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  1. jeff Vaughn says:

    nice will be ordering soon

  2. Hey Pierre I just watched your video with the veinette brushes now I really have to learn to do some wood graining. I know a little on it but just that little made me want to learn more.i have been taking classes all over learning a bunch of different finishes. I’ve taken a few of Gary lords classes good guy and friend. Maybe some day I can get up your way and take a class. Thanks for the inspiration George Carper

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