March 2013- PFI Woodgrain Contest

It has been my privilege to meet so many artisans over the years.  Through my travels whether it be for contract jobs, conventions, the internet, Salon or many other venues, I have seen a vast array of craftsmens’ works and achievements.  It has been almost 24 years since my first book, Recipes for Surfaces, was published and 16 since The Art of Faux.  Because of these books and my many encounters I fell in love with teaching and sharing my knowledge with fellow painters and peers.  This blog was conceived as an ‘archive’ for all I have experienced over the years and it just would not seem complete if I couldn’t showcase the work of the many painters I have met throughout my career and travels.


It only seems to make sense to celebrate all the painters by having our first contest feature one of my favorite Faux Bois: Walnut.  I have been creating  and adapting walnut recipes for many years, I have seen many different ways of producing walnut from water based, beer glaze based, oil glaze based, etc.  I am really looking for creativity as well as technique and beautiful figures.  Remember though, this should be not only a test for you as an artisan but something that you enjoy as well.  Good luck, I am excited to see what you can create!

The winning submission will receive a $100 gift card to be redeemed at for any items. (This includes brushes, books, DVD’s, paint, etc.)


 Official Rules of the Faux Walnut Contest

The PFI contest was designed to allow all levels of decorative artisans to showcase their abilities online.  (We welcome beginner, intermediate, and “masters” to submit.) The winning submission, as well as the honorable mentions, will be prominently featured on PFI blog, The Brush Tip, and shared through our social media marketplace for your peers and clients to see.  Do not be intimidated, there will be many different categories throughout the year.

Contest Entry Deadline:

Entries must be submitted as specified below to:

Subject line should read: PFI Contests: Walnut

Contest entries must be submitted no later than March 15th, 2013.  Any entries received after March 15th, 2013 will not be accepted.

PFI contest entries must meet the criteria listed below.

You may enter up to two(2) entries for this contest. You can have your submission entered in multiple contests.  We work on the honor system. Please submit work that you have completed at least 80% of.  (Give credit to those who contributed.) Anyone in the field of decorative finishing may compete.

All entries may use any techniques, products, or mediums you wish. Entries submitted will only be judged on the merit of the contest. A panel with different finishes will only be judged on the finish that is applicable to the contest. (Apples to apples)

Each entry must supply a minimum of three (3) and maximum of five (5) digital pictures in JPEG format.  Pictures should be no smaller than 1100 by 1100 pixels.  Note: Entries submitted in any other format will not be accepted.  AT LEAST ONE full view and a minimum of TWO close-ups MUST be included. Full view photos must provide a sense of scale. Close-up photos of each entry will help to see the details and recognize the true craftsmanship of the work.

All digital pictures entered will become the property of PFI and may be used for promotional and marketing efforts in relation to the contests and blog in the future and will not be returned. (In other words, we’ll promote the hell out of you on our blog.)

Each entry MUST provide a brief written description of the project – including material, medium, tools used, and time of execution, as well as your source of reference or influence. (Be as specific as you can so we can truly judge the value of your work.) Inclusion of client or designer name is optional. Please include a brief bio of your and/or your business including your years of experience. If your work is selected for publication, we retain the right to publish an edited version of your description. Note: Entries submitted without written description will be disqualified.


Special sections will be posted for the winners and honorable mentions to use on their site or in general for them to use as promotions.

Note: All winners will be able to use this section of our website for their advertising efforts and allow their prospective customers to view their awards and honors.   We hope our efforts will support professional finishers across the United States to gain credibility in the marketplace and position them above the competition!


All submissions will be judged by Pierre Finkelstein himself.

Pierre maintains the highest integrity when judging all entries.  All entries will be judged in a professional manner, without bias towards any person or entry.  (No special treatment for friends or student of Pierre.) Entries will be judged on the following criteria: skill and execution, degrees of difficulty, use of color, innovation and creativity, design of the project, and the simple beauty of the finished product.

Note: This is a contest, not a competition. (It is possible for no entries to be selected to win.)


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  1. rian milligan says:

    Hi Pierre

    1st year apprentice here. Can yoy confim to me the final date for submissions, I am contacting F/P here in Scotland and the rest of the UK , who mabrehave missed the announcme of the Contest

    , I am going to inform them of the rules, dates and methods of making there entry on time I believe these people have a meningfull cotributionto make, to this admirable project you have initiated. I hope you aprove of my methods and actions.

    I wish all success in this venture.

    I look forward to a reply, time is of the essance, a comodity that bedevils us all. Love your blog I have gained so much direction and insperation from it.


  2. Donna Stepp says:

    You are amazing!! I love your work, I would love to be able to do this ,I LOVE IT !!!!!

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